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M 56 Speed FM Rapid Screed Ready-to-use Mortar

M 56 Speed FM


BOTAMENT M 56 Speed FM is a rapidly setting ready-to-use mortar on cement basis to produce composite screeds, screeds on separation layers and floating screeds.


  • Ready to receive tiles after 4 hours
  • Ideal for time-critical construction sites
  • Strongly hydrophobic (high protection against moisture penetration from the rear)
  • For interior and exterior use
  • On the basis of high-quality CEM I-cement
  • Shrinkage and stress-minimized curing
  • Can be pumped
Application areas


To produce the following types of cement screeds quickly ready to be covered:

  • screeds on separating layers
  • composite screeds
  • screeds on insulation layers
  • heated screeds

  • for use in wetrooms
  • to repair and restore existing cement screeds
  • to repair cement-based substrates prior to installation
  • to set floor anchorings and fence posts


Substrate preparation


The substrate must be in the following condition:

  • dry, clean and frost-free
  • stable
  • free from grease, paint, cement laitance, separating agents, sinter layers and loose particles
  • in true alignment and perpendicular

Composite screed:

  • mix up bonding course with BOTAMENT D 10 screed admixture and water (at a ratio of 1:1)
  • apply bonding course to the pre-wetted substrate by adding BOTAMENT® M 56 SpeedFM and brush in thoroughly

The installation of the screed is performed fresh on fresh onto the moist bonding course.

Screed on separation layer:

  • When installing screed onto a suitable separation layer no bonding course is required.




frost-free, cool and dry at least 9 months in its original sealed container


Mixing ratio


~ 2.0 l water/ 25 kg


Ready to receive covering


Screeds made with BOTAMENT® M 56 Speed are ready to be covered after the following time intervals between installation and tiling or after the following maximal residual moisture contents (CM-measurement) have been reached:

unheated screed:

ceramic tiles and natural stones ≥ 4 hours

elastic and textile coverings ≤ 2.00 %

wood flooring, laminate flooring and wood block ≤ 2.00 %

heated screed:

ceramic tiles and natural stones ≤ 2.00 %

elastic and textile coverings ≤ 1.80 %

wood flooring, laminate flooring and wood block ≤ 1.80 %

All specifications apply for composite screeds, screeds on separation layers and floating screeds.


Processing time


~ 60 minutes


Layer thickness


10 to 80 mm




after ~ 2- 3 hours



For the mixing of the screed mortar standard screed mixers or mixing and feed pumps are used. In the event of the working process being interrupted mixer, pumps and pipes must be thoroughly cleaned immediately.


Application and substrate temperature


+ 5° C to + 25° C


Consumption or Usage


~ 20 kg/ m²/ cm


Container Dispatch unit sold by the pallet Product number EAN Code
25 kg Paper sack grey - 40 Units/s 18950550375609 4030905140378
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