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MULTISTAR Multi-function lightweight tile adhesive



Multistar is a multifunctional lightweight tile adhesive that can be used as a thin-bed, medium-bed and pourable-bed adhesive and as levelling compound in interior and exterior areas. Due to the airflow Technology Multistar is particularly easy and smooth to handle.


  • Highly stable and highly flexible
  • Particularly well suited for large format sizes
  • High yield (goes a long way)
  • Long correction and open time
  • Dustreduced formulation
  • For levelling unevenesses up to 20 mm
Application areas


Multistar can be used to bond floor and wall coverings made from porcelain stoneware, vitreous and non-vitreous stoneware, split tiles, floor clinker tiles, clinker tiles, hand-made tiles, glass tiles and small, medium and glass mosaics. The material is also ideally suited to bond insulation and lightweight boards. Here it is important, however, that very smooth boards (e.g. hardfoam boards) are roughened up first.


Suitable substrates


Suitable substrates are concrete, lightweight concrete, porous concrete, renders (CS II, CS III or CS IV according to DIN EN 998-1, compressive strength ≥ 2.5 N/mm2), gypsum plaster (according to DIN EN 13279-1, compressive strength ≥ 2.5 N/mm2), joint full brickwork (not mixed brickwork), BOTAMENT® building boards, old tile coverings, plasterboard and plaster-fibre board as well as cement and anhydrite screeds.


Substrate preparation


The substrate must be dry, clean, frost-free and stable, must be free from grease, paint, cement laitance, separating agents and loose particles.




Cool and dry. Can be stored for at least 12 months in the original sealed container.


Mixing ratio


Mixing ration S1:

- Levelling compound = approx. 7.6 l

- Medium-bed method = approx. 8.0 l

- Thin-bed method = approx. 8.5 l

- Pourable-bed method = approx. 10.0 l

Mixing ratio S2 in accordance with DIN EN 12002:

- 15 kg powder + 6.0 kg BOTAMENT® D 10 + 1.4 I water as thin-bed adhesive

- 15 kg powder + 7.0 kg BOTAMENT® D 10 + 1.6 I water as pourable-bed adhesive


Maturing time


~ 5 minutes


Open time


~ 30 minutes


Processing time


~ 3 - 4 hours


Maximum layer thickness


20 mm




after approx. 24 hours


Fully loadable


after approx. 7 days


Can be grouted


after approx. 24 hours



Mix up using cold, clean water while stirring with a slow rotating agitator until a homogenous, stiff and paste-like mass has formed.


Application and substrate temperature


+ 5 °C to + 30 °C


Consumption or Usage


Consumption thin-bed method:

4 mm notched trowel = approx. 1.0 kg/m2

6 mm notched trowel = approx. 1.4 kg/m2

8 mm notched trowel = approx. 1.8 kg/m2

Consumption medium-bed method:

approx. 2.9 kg/m2

Consumption pourable-bed method:

8 mm notched trowel = approx. 1.7 kg/m2

10 mm notched trowel = approx. 1.9 kg/m2


Container Dispatch unit sold by the pallet Product number EAN Code
15 kg Paper sack grey - 40 Units/s 49189900316009 4030905080445
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