RD 1 Universal from Botament

The world‘s first single-component reactive sealant



May we introduce a world first to the sealant market! Botament RD 1 Universal is the very first multifunctional reactive sealant in the world that comes as a single component in one container! As usual, the devil lies in the detail: thanks to the innovative single component formula any cumbersome mixing up of several components on site is now a thing of the past! This means you no longer need electricity on site, giving you considerable time-savings as work can commence right away. From basement waterproofing to intermediate sealing under screeds right down to fixing protection and insulation boards - Botament RD1 Universal is extremely versatile in its use - excellent news for professionals and handy DIYers alike.

Rapid drying
within 24 hours

Visible curing control

Requires no electricity onsite
as no mixing up is necessary

Easy removal of partial quantities
thanks to the single-component formula

Free of cement, solvents or bitumen
hence no hazard labelling required

Varied use possibilities

All common application methods possible:
spray, roll, trowel on or paint on

Countless uses for the ambitious DIYer




Why not do it yourself? Botament RD 1 Universal is the perfect sealing system for the ambitious DIY enthusiast. Whether minor repairs or larger works around your private home and garden - projects can easily be realised - hassle-free and to suit your personal taste or desires.

  1. Repair of flue connections
  2. Roof shingle repairs
  3. Gutter repairs
  4. Small arts & crafts projects
  5. Sealing of water-bearing garden features
  6. Well waterproofing
  7. Roofing felt repairs
... and plenty more

Material Details

Material basis Polymer dispersion, additive
Colour green
Packaging 2,5 kg
10 kg
30 kg
Storage frost free, cool and dry at least 12 months in its original sealed container
Working time > 1.5 hours
Rain-resistant after ~ 6 hours
Bonding of drainage and insulation boards after ~ 8 hours
Ready to receive mechanical loads after approx. 24 hours
Consistency can be trowelled, painted or sprayed on
Application and substrate temperature + 5 °C to + 35 °C


  • Rapid Waterproofing
  • Ready-mixed without the need for priming
  • Highly flexible and crack-bridging
  • Can be used onsite - no power supply required
  • High UV, frost and weathering resistance