Health aspects


low emission products


Botament products – low in dust and emissions: an asset for human beings and the environment

From the very beginning Botament foremost concern in the manufacture of their products and the sourcing of their resources has always been health & safety and whether production is sustainable and ecological. As a result, Botament products tend to score well below mandatory emission limits. So as to have a lasting record of these low emissions that pose absolutely no risk to human health, many products in the Botament product portfolio have now been tested in accordance with the EMICODE® and have been accredited as particularly low in emission.

What’s more, many products in the flooring range Botafloor also carry the Blue Angel accreditation.

The issue of dust reduction has been another major goal of Botament. Many of our product formulas have been changed to make them produce less dust – something that is really beneficial to the professional workman, whose daily handling of such products means he or she is no longer subjected to the unpleasant inhaling of dust particles while working.