1993. A professional brand name starts as a company.


Botament - The name stands for professional quality system building materials. The name of a company whose growth began initially in 1988 as a successful trademark.

1993 we started as a separate enterprise in Germany. Since that time Botament has developed itself to a constant in the building industry – by crossing of the German frontier widely.

For you. Worldwide.


As a sister company of MC-Bauchemie and its 50 years' experience in scientific packaging, we now have 6 production sites in Europe and market our chemical product systems successfully throughout Europe. 


Botament offers building chemicals for those areas


  • Tiling
  • Sealing and renovation of buildings
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Special products for industry and object systems
  • System solutions for the agricultural sector
  • Flooring systems (BOTAFLOOR®)


Our products are manufactured at 6 production sites in Europe. Outside these countries they are marketed successfully by our sister company MC Building Chemicals which has more than 50 years of know-how and experience concerning the production and the sales of chemical building materials and technologies.


Our production sites: 


  1. Germany, Bottrop
  2. Germany, Esslingen
  3. Poland, Sroda Wlkp.
  4. Hungary, Tótvázsony-Kövesgyür
  5. Ukraine, Berezan
  6. Rumania, Darmanesti


Ecology & Health


We never leave the environmental  friendliness of our product range to chance. Even during the development of a new formula, we select raw materials and components that obviously reduce or exclude completely emissions or effects that are hazardous to health for mankind and the environment.


We adhere to this path all the way to caring production which is environmentally friendly and protects resources. All products are obviously compliant with the current REACH Order. Many of them are certified with the EC 1 seal; we also hold the Blue Angel for many Botafloor products. An immense advantage during restoration and renovation are our low dust products.


Innovation – with added value


Anyone who always does what he can always remains what he is already.*


We at Botament are constantly on the move and are always trying to be successfully innovative. The prerequisites for this are already here! Because we have everything under one roof: Laboratory, application technology and product manufacture - all this takes place in our own premises. For us, to be innovative also means creating added value for the customer through our innovations.


This is how we were one of the first companies in the market place to create a genuine alternative to epoxy resin, e.g. with the CF 200 and SF 100 silica joint mortars.


With our multifamily, we have developed a new multifunction generation of lightweight products for the tiling professional with which this trade can be carried out more quickly and more flexibly.


*Henry Ford